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Doll Clothes - 0 Comments

I’ve always been fascinated with dolls since I was young. I can remember how happy I am each time I play with them. I treat them as my friends, best friends as a matter of fact. I love dressing them up. It is one of my favorite things to do with my dolls. The idea of changing their clothes thrills me. Seeing them in a different look with their stylish clothes excites me and makes playing with them even more enjoyable. 

Because I have learned to love dolls as I grow, I ventured into making Mocha Baby clothes. I love their designs and then I figured I wanted to create the same design for the other doll clothes that I’m going to make.

There is another design of doll clothes that I wanted to create. Ever since I started making doll clothes, I always think about designing knitted clothes. They are just so fancy and would definitely add style to the overall look of the dolls. Not to mention, I love knitting! But what stops me from getting started with it is that it takes a lot of time and patience to do!

I can’t get rid of the idea of creating knitted clothes because I always picture adding them on to dolls’ clothing and getting that sense of satisfaction after seeing the result. So I finally made the brave decision to start with knitting and I’ve chosen to make a cardigan or vest. I bet this will go well with Mocha’s clothes and I can’t wait until I finish it. I just have to be more patient with the process because I know that it will take long. But I’m also sure it will be a fun one.

Making Basic Pattern for Doll Clothing - 0 Comments

The process of making doll clothes is not that different from that of human clothes. It entails measuring the size of a doll and making a variety of patterns from a basic pattern. When I was young, I wanted to make doll clothes but I didn’t know how to do it. I started by laying the doll down on paper and tracing it to make a clothing pattern. Next, I cut the fabric using the pattern and made it by hand sewing. Yet, the dress was too small and it didn’t fit the doll.


Whenever I'd make doll clothes patterns, it reminds me of the time I made one with a sculpture fabric I had at home. I couldn't stop smiling whenever I'd remember that. As I get older, I no longer find dolls pretty, but I find the process of making doll clothes fun and exciting!



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