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Mini Toddler Backpack & PLUS SIZE Diarra Blouse

16 June, 2021 - 0 Comments


I’ve designed this toddler backpack for mothers and mothers-to-be! It’s been years since I last designed a backpack for our toddler friends, so I’ve been keeping myself busy making a convenient little bag for your little one! All my other toddler backpacks had drawstring openings with a flap. But I noticed that toddlers have a difficult time tying things together and thought zippers might be better for the munchkins. With a zipper opening and a little pocket on the front of the bag, your toddler can surely keep all of their small belongings in an adorably neat fashion! Go and check out the toddler backpack while it is on sale! 


Plus Size Diarra Blouse

We are adding new sizes for MOCHA, and we are excited to add another pattern to the plus-size collection. As we are updating our patterns with new sizes, requests for updated sizes would be very much appreciated! Go and check out the Diarra Blouse now!
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